My Top 3 Tips For Pool Fencing Buyers

The interest for private swimming pools have increased in Australia significantly. One reasons is because the dropping prices but also because the fun and the potential increase in value of your home once you decide to sell it. Last year when we installed our in ground pool we were looking at fencing options that suited our taste and home in terms of style and colour. Quickly we realised the options are endless and without a distinct idea we are going to be disappointed with our choice.

We decided to take a piece of paper and write down everything we preferred. I remember that we wrote down, clear visibility, great safety records and stunning. Doing that initial research it did not took long before we are looking at glass fencing options. We pretty soon contacted few companies and enquired about their services to find an option that suited us.

Mean we scouted for glass fencing we also spoke to neighbours about what fence they were using for their pools. Quickly we established that glass fencing was the way to go. At the end, before going ahead if the project we also contacted a regulatory body and making sure the company we were dealing with were legit (we heard to many stories)

So my three top tips are

Know exactly what you want in order to focus

Speak to others who already have the option you are after and heart their point of view

Contact a regulatory body and make sure you are dealing with a real company


our fencing

Reseal Your Grout

If you have had tiles in your home for a while, especially in your bathroom it might time to think about the grout. Grout is the material between the tiles pointed by and will if not properly treated attract algae, moisture and bacteria. If you have notice the colour start to change and does not disappear after regular cleaning, it is a good change you need to replace the grout.

grout sealing

Grout sealing is not complicated, in fact it is a very easy process considering you have the right tools to work with. It can either be removed by a manual grout remover or by a machine if you have larger area to cover.

Once the old grout has been removed it is time to place the new grout. Make sure you only mix a small bit of grout at the time as it has a tendency to harden after about 20 minutes.

Once the grout has been evenly spread out, wait some time for it to harden before you use a soft damp sponge to clean up the tiles. It is important after the application use a quality grout protection to minimise the risk of further discolouring and from bacteria and algae to be built.